You are a SURVIVOR!

You are a SURVIVOR!

You’ve been to your own private hell in the proverbial hand basket.
Some catastrophic life event took you out, unexpectedly cut you off at the knees.
Perhaps it was Divorce. Career Casualty. Financial Disaster.
Death of a Parent. Worse: Loss of a child.

Some painful, life altering event sent you into free fall.
Down, down, down, you went and just when you thought it couldn’t be worse, you hit bottom.
Rock bottom.
It rendered you breathless. Immobile.

Maybe you didn’t want to go on.
And who could blame you?
The energy to just brush your teeth seemed unfathomable.
So you lay there, hugging the floor of your private prison.
Writhing in the exquisite torture of self loathing.

Countless hours passed, turning into days, maybe months, even years.
But somehow, eventually, you glimpsed your own inner strength
and remembered there was another place for your heart to live.

And so you began your climb back.
Slowly at first. Two steps forward. One step back.
Gaining momentum some days.
Other days not so much.
Some days all you could do was hang on and not backslide.
But you did it!!
Foothold by foothold.
Until you rejoined the land of the living.

You are back, but things aren’t the same.
That trial by fire changed you, forged you into somebody new.
Someone wiser, more compassionate. Someone driven by purpose..

And now when you look at your life you want to make the most of every moment.
You want to Discover, Uncover, Learn, Grow. Share.
You are no longer content for small talk.
You find yourself lonely, in a room filled with people.
You long for deeper heart felt interconnection
with a web of those brave and courageous enough to be vulnerable.
Who will encourage you, inspire you. Mentor you.
And look to you to provide the same for them.
But maybe you’re still not sure how to go about doing that and you don’t want to go it alone.
​And that’s why I am reaching out to you today so that you KNOW


​I’ve created LyceumLIVE for you and people like you.
Because I know what it’s like to want more than small talk,
to long for deeper connection with other brave individuals who will encourage you,
inspire you, mentor you and be vulnerable (not judge-y) with you!

You Long for a Community that Nurtures Your Soul.
LyceumLIVE is that Conscious Community!
We are a growing network of purposeful seekers with locations
throughout the Greater Boston area.
​Each meeting, you’ll experience
Our community of like-minded seekers who want to learn and discover so we can better understand our inner and outer world
An expert speaker who will teach, engage, inspire and motivate you to live in your purpose and truth
Genuine stories and conversations that create a space to build up the foundation of our similarities and learn from our difference so we can forge a new way forward as individuals and as a community
If LyceumLIVE sounds like that deeper connection and community you’ve been searching for, consider this your sign and your time. Your journey means so much more with friends.

Sign up today for one of upcoming events below, so we can keeping learning, growing and sharing together.
​Join us this month, won’t you?
Feb 11 Westwood, MA: YOLO: Create the Career of Your Dreams

Feb 16 Falmouth, MA: Move from High Potential to High Performance

Feb 18: Pawtucket, RI: HeartMath®: The Power of Your Heart

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