What Will You Do with Your 30,000 Days?

Tell me,

what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

~Mary Oliver.


Recently I read that a human being lives, on average, 30,000 days.

Doing the math, that’s something close to 82 years, give or take a few leap years,. 

Seems like quite a bit of time, right?

Yet if we think about our lives, we must admit a good amount of those 30,000 days have already passed by. 

To make it more interesting, the My 30k  website allows you to plug in your birth date and calculate how many days, if you live the average,  you have left.

Try it, it’s pretty eye opening.

For me, the number of days left is 7995.

About the same amount of time it takes to raise a child from infancy to adulthood.  And if you are of a certain age, you know how quickly that time goes.

Many of my days have been well spent but….then there are others… well… not so much.

I’ll confess, there were even days that I wished would just END (the days following each of my parent’s deaths). And, of course, those that I slept through (though mainly in college, heh heh).

But even one wasted a day is still a day gone and one that you can never get back. 


Life gets mighty precious

When there’s less of it to waste

~Bonnie Raitt

So. 7995.

Tick Tock

Our challenge becomes to live a life filled with meaning and purpose,  to step up and focus on what really matters.

The glorious thing about life is we each start with an empty canvas and get to create whatever we want.  We get to decide what we want to spend our time on and who we will spend it with.

The scary part is that each of us is directly responsible for the life we create. We are the writer, editor, actor, director and producer in our own life movie

Will it be Oscar worthy?


Regret for wasted time is more wasted time.

— Mason Cooley


I’m betting no one reaches the last of their 30,000 days and says, geez I wish I hadn’t spent so much time with my kids, hadn’t skied as many mountains, played so much music, planted so many flowers, volunteered as many hours, hugged as many children.

While I can’t pretend to know what makes your heart sing, here are a few things I know you should be doing during your 30,000 days:

~Work at something you LOVE.   

A recent Gallup poll showed 70% Americans actually hate their job…don’t be one!

You will spend somewhere near 90,000 hours working.  That’s 43 years times 52 weeks times 40 hours a week ( and yes, I know you get vacation time but who among us works only 40 hours a week?)

Translation: 3750 out of 30,000 days of your lifetime is spent working, with mostly random people. Roughly 12.5% of your life is dedicated to what you do to earn a living.

Find something that feeds your soul as well as your wallet.

~Be with someone you want to be with.

There are 3.5 billion people of the opposite sex out there (or 3.5 billion of the same sex if that’s your thing). 

Every one of us deserves love, for exactly who we are in this moment.  Warts and all.  

Don’t waste your time with someone who doesn’t see how amazing you are or who treats you as less than deserving.  Abuse whether physical or emotion is still abuse.

~Be YOU.

If you have read my story, you’ll know that I spent waaaay too many years trying to be what I thought everyone wanted me to be.  On the backside of 50 I finally decided to live the life I had imagined.  It’s not always easy but it’s way less exhausting than striving to meet someone else’s expectations.

Take off Your Mask! Fly your Freak Flag! The people who will truly love and admire you are waiting in the wings.

And anyone who wanted you to be different was never in your fan cub anyway.

~ Appreciate the beauty of NOW.

The ordinary things are so easily overlooked: Birdsong, fresh air, the sounds of your kids fighting, running water, the feel of the air on your skin. Feel it. Revel in it. Be grateful for it.

~Stay in the PRESENT.

Don’t let what-ifs and if-onlys take over your mind.  Most things you worry about will never happen, and if something is in the past, just leave it there. Focus on the here and now.

~See the humor in it.

Life can be ridiculous.  Not one of us is getting out alive, so lighten up. Learn to laugh. Find joy in the inane.

~Give back

Whatever your circumstances may be, undoubtedly there are many, many people who are getting by with less than you. It may be less money, less human interaction, less health, less food.  Find a way to share your gifts, without expectation.  The feeling you get when you give is its own reward.

~Be Kind

Always.  To everyone.  Especially to those who may seem like they don’t deserve it, They probably need it most.


So today is at an end and I’m down to 7994. This blog is part of my way of giving back, sharing with you the wisdom(!!) I have learned to be true in the 22,000+ days I have spent so far on this planet.

For more inspiration on how to spend your remaining days, I highly recommend the  11 minute Vimeo video:  30,000 Days, directed by  Tiffany Shlain.


Wishing You Light and Love,