Voting with Your Dollars

How do we create the world we know is possible?

One simple act is choosing to spend your money in alignment with your values.

Saturday afternoon I spent shopping with family at King of Prussia Mall in Pennsylvania in search of the perfect dress for my son’s college graduation. ( I must mention that I will be attending with my ex-husband and his new wife, so I am determined to look FABULOUS!)

I should also mention that in the years BC (before children) I had a fulfilling career as a fashion buyer for major department stores across the US,  resulting in a keen eye for color, style and value.

Traipsing through Lord and Taylor, Macy’s and  Nordstrom I found myself drawn again and again to dresses, shoes and jewelry with the same label: Ivanka Trump. Say what you will about her blind (imho) loyalty to her father, Ms. Trump has a discerning sense for what women want to wear.

As the afternoon wore on, our shopping excursion became laughable. Almost every time my family members or I were drawn to look further at an item, it sported the Ivanka Trump label.

And each time, the item would go back on the rack without further inspection.

My empathic heart goes out to Ivanka. Her association with one of the most divisive presidents in American history may be her downfall.   Despite her innate business acumen, her fashion empire may become collateral damage, in a nation torn apart by polar sensibilities.

Not succumbing to the fuchsia heels and knee length dress may seem a small victory in these first 100 days, but it serves as a empowered victory nonetheless.

Similar small acts of civil disobedience: steering clear of Walmart, shopping local, coasting by Exxon gas station on fumes with my fingers crossed fuel the rebel dissident of my soul.

It is essential to remember that we are not powerless. Each dollar we spend sends a message about what what we value, what actions we condone, what behaviors we will support. We are not thoroughly disenfranchised : we have the market economy at our disposal. Through simple participation (or not) we have the power to create the world we envision. One dollar at a time. 


Now, does anyone have a stunning size 8 dress they are willing to lend ?


Rose Tenaglia Dunn is the Founder of LyceumLIVE: Your Resource for Hope and Healing, a collaborative marketing platform showcasing positive messages for the path forward. If you have a Message that needs to be shared widely, please contact