This is What Democracy Looks Like


On Saturday January 20, 2018,  one million of my closest friends and I once again took to the streets globally to have our voices heard in a world where they have been too long silent.

On this first anniversary of the Women’s March it was heartening to see families everywhere: grandmothers, moms and daughters, young couples with babies in strollers, .

In San Diego, where I participated, I estimate some 30% good men showed up  in support of their partners, moms, sisters and daughters.

People came to chant and sing, dance and hug, take photos of one another’s creative signs and replace the negativity and divisiveness of 2017 with the energy of love and acceptance for all.

The mood was celebratory, a reunion of friends of the heart. Yet behind the smiles lay an steadfast earnestness, these citizens knew the importance of strength in numbers.

Living in these history making times, it seems a new group is attacked, derided, insulted daily. There are more than enough issues to rally behind: Immigration, refugees, DACA, LBGTQ, climate reality, right to choose, #metoo, medicare, social security, Healthcare, minimum wage, maternal care, BLM, gun control…

Make no mistake ALL of these issues affect families, and family issues are women’s issues.

And so women of all creeds, colors and orientations have banded together to say ENOUGH.

Women are collaborators by nature. Since the dawn of humanity we have tended the fire together and shared resources to survive. We have birthed each others babies, cared for one another’s children, nursed our sick and dying.

We have pieced together, year by year, decade by decade, the incremental movement toward equality.

We have built a foundation, brick by brick on the shoulders of Susan B Anthony,  Elizabeth Stanton, Margaret Sanger, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks and Jane Roe.

The sweat and tears of our mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers have shaped us into the fierce protectors of our progeny.

We are cathedral builders. We have taken what some saw as a protest march and evolved it into a movement.  And we are NOT going away. We may never see the finished product of our life’s work but we are spurred on by HOPE for a better world for our children and our grandchildren.

As the patriarchy continues to devolve, we have much work to do.

Luckily, we were born for this.


Toward Hope and Healing for us all,