The Bridge to WE


We are much more alike than different.

We are both human beings.


I may be female while you are male but we both breathe air into our lungs.

You may be gay while I am straight but we still crave human touch.


I may be black while you are white but we both need water to survive.

You may be poor while I am wealthy but we both crawled before we walked.


I may be be a veteran while you are a pacifist but we both love our country.

You may speak one language while I speak another but we both understand a smile.


I may be an athlete while you are a spectator but we both love the sport.

You may have a PhD while I have a grade school education but we both value knowledge.


I may play the piano while you may sing but we share a love for music.

You may be happy while I am sad but we both cry tears.


I may like travel while you prefer to be at home but we both appreciate the beauty of our world.

You may be a intellectual while I am developmentally challenged but both our brains are wired to connect.


I may be single while you are married but we both want to be loved.

You may be a writer while I am a reader but we share a fondness for words.


I may create with my hands while you create with your mind but we both value a job well done.

You may be a vegan while I am a carnivore but we both love a great meal.


I may be old and you may be young but we both value life.

You may be tall while I am diminutive but we both reach for new heights.


I may be spiritual while you are religious but we both embody the divine.

You may be a parent while I am childless but we both value the future of humanity.


I may be Indigenous while you are an immigrant but we are now both Americans.


Can you see the YOU in Me?

Can I see the ME in You?


There is a WE.

It’s on this bridge where our healing begins.


I’ll meet you there,



Rose Tenaglia Dunn is the founder of LyceumLIVE, Your Resource of Hope and Healing.  A consummate connector, Rose is passionate about shining the spotlight on change makers who are leading the way toward a just and sustainable world that works for all.  She enjoys traveling, drinking good tequila and feeling the sand between her toes.