The Gift of Your Presence

What kind of gift giver are you? Are you generous? Or stingy?(It has nothing to do with money) Because wherever you go, there you are. In every encounter we have throughout our day, we have the opportunity to gift our essence. Happily, we get to choose the kind of gift we will be. Will we Read more about The Gift of Your Presence[…]

Where Is Our Collective Voice?

When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful. – Malala Yousafzai   These are crazy, confusing, uncertain times. The very institutions dedicated to protecting us are being systematically dismantled. We watch children as young as 18 months , ripped from the arms of their asylum seeking parents, only to be carted off to Read more about Where Is Our Collective Voice?[…]

What Can You Accomplish in Six minutes, 20 seconds?

  and these children that you spit on, as they try to change their worlds, are immune to your consultations. They’re quite aware of what they’re going through…” ~ David Bowie   Question:   What can you accomplish in 6 minutes and 20 seconds? a) Answer a few emails? b) Microwave a fresh baked brownie? c) Commit Read more about What Can You Accomplish in Six minutes, 20 seconds?[…]

Six Steps to Finding Your Tribe

      When you find people who not only tolerate your quirks but celebrate them with glad cries of “Me too!” Be sure to cherish them. Because those weirdos are your tribe. ~ A.J. Downey, Cutter’s Hope   As humans, we are social beings. Study after study has shown that when we are connected, when Read more about Six Steps to Finding Your Tribe[…]

Before You Abuse, Criticize and Accuse… Walk a Mile in My Shoes

I won’t lie. This week , the week of the Parkland shooting has been difficult for me. The violence, yes. But it is the anger, the vitriol, the divisiveness that has leveled me. As an empath, I feel it all. It won’t surprise those of you who truly know me to hear that I was driving Read more about Before You Abuse, Criticize and Accuse… Walk a Mile in My Shoes[…]

Confessions of a Tree Hugger

How do you connect with Nature? Yesterday, my cousin Carrie treated me to some time in Muir Woods, a 295 acre spot just north of San Francisco, home to a spectacular old growth redwood forest. With trees towering over 200 feet and girths a family can barely get their arms around, this 110 year old National Read more about Confessions of a Tree Hugger[…]

In a World Where You Can be Anything….Be Kind

Are you feeling the desire to make a positive difference in our world? You aren’t alone! It’s as if the negativity reported daily in the morning headlines or on the evening news is compelling everyday people to simply begin to create positive solutions. Kindness, it seem, is the foundation. And the knowledge that every action Read more about In a World Where You Can be Anything….Be Kind[…]

Choose Love

Changing Our Focus to Love

We are living in an extraordinary time: an exciting, tumultuous, scary, topsy-turvy, WTF? kind of time. As newspaper headlines proclaim atrocities, our flatscreens scream divisiveness. Social media feeds brim with strangers lobbing hate-filled comments, crushing condemnation and vitriol at one another. Every system we have ever known seems to be deconstructing. These days are not Read more about Changing Our Focus to Love[…]