Shouldn’t Every Day be “Earth Day”?


The Earth is what we all have in common.

~Wendell Berry 


This Sunday, April 22, marks the 48th celebration of Earth Day.

In 1969, a devastating oil spill in Santa Barbara brought together the unlikely alliance of farmers and city dwellers,  land owners and migrant workers, Republicans and Democrats.

With the shared goal of the importance of preserving the beauty of an unspoiled Earth, divergent intentions were set aside without rancor.  Earth day was born.

Within a year, proponents of Earth Day had created the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of the Clean AirClean Water, and Endangered Species Acts.

And yet here we are almost 50 years later, finding ourselves, once again, meeting across a chasm of divergent goals.

Many of the programs we instituted to protect our Planet are now under attack.

We find ourselves fighting against oil spills. New pipelines.  Pesticides. Fracking. Drought. Mass extinction of wildlife from bees and butterflies to right whales. The destruction is self evident: warming of our oceans, drought, bigger storms, landslides, mudslides, wildfires.

Our Common Bond

We have somehow forgotten the connection that we all share.

We have forgotten our One Mother.

Mother Earth.


As I have entered my 60s, I have become reawakened to many of the ideas that were socialized out of me at a young age.

Perhaps these magical ways of thinking are somehow necessary losses on the journey to attain the trappings of adulthood. Though certainly our world is much poorer because of it.

It makes sense to me that Mother Earth is a sentient being (though my sons, science-minded, mathematically trained engineers, think me mad)

She communicates with us all the time, though we have forgotten how to hear her.

It has taken me 50 plus years to unlearn but I am beginning to remember now.

It makes sense to me when I am called to stand barefoot in my garden that I should feel her energy and mine intersect.

That when I float in her blue seas, I can feel her embryonic embrace.

That walking amidst her forest, my breath slows to match the oxygen rich wind through the trees.

She gives us opportunity after opportunity to learn from her: her seasons come around again, allowing us to plant and nurture, reap and rest,  Again and again.

Can We Outgrow our Childish Tendencies?

In the way children do, we humans take advantage of our Mother’s generosity.  It is all we have ever known, this Mother Love and so we think, falsely, that her resources are limitless.   We are not grateful for all that she has given us, we only seek what is yet to be given.

If there is one thing I’ve learned in my sixty plus years on this planet it’s that in order to last, relationships must be reciprocal: There needs to be giving and receiving from both parties.  It can’t be all give on one side and all take on the other.

And as spoiled children, it is time for us humans to grow the f*ck up, realize we share Our Mother with other brethren (Lions, and Tigers and Bears…oh my!) and show some reciprocal love.

The message is clear: Our Mother is telling us that her resources are finite.  That the warming of her oceans, the cutting of her forests, the decimating of polar caps have reached a tipping point.

Can we quiet our own incessant chatter long enough to hear her? will we show her the respect she is due?

or will we continue to act like headset wearing, self absolved adolescents?

And pay attention to her only one day a year?


Here’s some ways to show MOTHER some respect:

Watch: Nature is Speaking

Read:  The Great Mother Bible, Mare Cromwell.

Read: Urgent Message from Mother, Jean Bolen

Visit website: Shakti Rising


Sending love and light,