August 12, 2017

Shopping with Purpose

Love to shop? Me, too! Armed with a degree in Economics and a love for fashion, I spent more than a decade BC  (Before Children) working as a retail buyer for department stores across the U.S. ,  gaining a discerning eye for quality and value.

One thing I know for sure: each and every one of us, in our role as consumer,  has the power the change the world one dollar at a time. It’s simple economics: whatever you buy or don’t buy reinforces the products your favorite company offers.  Ask questions, read labels, become more mindful about supporting fairtrade, organic, non GMO  products and that’s what you will see more of.

Below you will find the best online shopping I have found to offer beauty, sustainability and a path forward toward a world that works for everyone.

Have a favorite place to shop online that you don’t see here? Drop me a line at

Toward hope and healing for us all!



Alter Eco   Purchase nourishing , healthy foods (think chocolate!! and quinoa) while supporting small farms and farmers.

Bogo Bowl – Dog and cat food: you buy a bag, they give a bag to animal shelters. Did I mention  FREE SHIPPING?

Elegantees Helps survivors of sex trafficking by providing sewing jobs, allowing them to replace poverty with self-sustainability. Partners with The Nepali Rescue Project, a non-profit that rescues over 20,000 lives per year from trafficking in Nepal.


Etsy millions of one of a kind special items, made with care.  The antithesis to cookie cutter,  big box mall shopping. Know that your $$ go to support creative artisans.

Everything Happy – Started by a 7 year old, this online shop sells kids clothes, blankets, and pillows. For every Happy item purchased, a second item is given to orphanages, children’s hospitals, or poverty-stricken communities.

Feed project  Quality handbags and accessories  provides school meals to children worldwide. 96 MILLION meals provided to date!!!

Give Something Back  California office supply company  donates 73 percent of after-tax profits to charitable causes fighting hunger, helping the environment, or supporting youth and families. Why shop anywhere else?

Global Goods Partners  Working in partnership with more than 40 partners in 20 countries, provides women in some of the poorest countries access to the US market for the fair trade, handmade products they produce.

The Grommet With the ambitious goal of 10% of all products flowing through U.S. retail will be originating from small-scale Makers within 5 years, this site features innovative purposeful products created by independent makers. Shop by your personal value:  check out their sustainable, philanthropic, crowd funded or Made in America categories.  The online way to shop small business!!

Heifer International  Give a gift that HONORS a loved one and help a family on the road to self reliance.  Working in the area of livestock and Agriculture, Heifer Intl operates in 25 countries, helping over 31 million families since 1944.

Kiva store  The legendary micro loan nonprofit now has a shop that allows you to support independent artisans online.

Life without Plastic  A one stop shop for ethically sourced, Earth Friendly alternatives to plastic products for everyday life! Also offers TONS of info on what’s happening what plastics globally. Great resource!!

Little Sun  1.1 billion people have no access to electricity. For each purchase of a solar lantern, one is made available at affordable market price in developing world.

The Mighty Nest  $10 subscription fee for tried and true sustainable products sent to your door each month  to help you make the small changes at home that add up!

One World Play Project  Over 1 million soccer (foot) balls given to kids globally from this buy one give one program. Now expanding to other tools for play.

Ora Wellness Holistic Solutions (think NO Fluoride) for your oral health.

Pact Apparel  Super soft ORGANIC cotton clothing at great prices. Environmentally sustainable practices: no toxins, no sweatshops.  On a mission is to change the apparel industry for good. Great  products that wash well and last!

Panda Sustainable  For every pair of Panda sunglasses sold, the company provides a person in need with a medical eye exam and a pair of prescription glasses.

Planet Love Life — Bracelets made from marine debris and recycled ocean plastics.   Fashion with a statement!

Radiant Life  Norman and Kathy Lemoins have created a site to provide you “ancient wisdom for modern health”, incorporating everything from natural minerals to grounding kitchen mats, food dehydrators to water ionizers to ensure you are living your healthiest life in the most natural way. GREAT RESOURCE!

The Renewal Workshop Located just outside Portland Oregon, partners with brands to source returned, damaged, defective, out-of-season or post-consumer clothing. In its own facility, these garments are cleaned, sorted and repaired and put back out to the consumer diverting clothing from landfills.

Sivana Spirit  Yoga Lifestyle site. In addition to offering Fair Trade jobs, a percentage of each purchase  provides Vitamin A inoculations to children in India.

Smile Squared – Started by the dad of four internationally adopted children, does the buy one get one with bamboo toothbrushes. Now your purchase of bags and travel journals offsets costs of funding wish trips for critically ill children.

SoapBox Soaps Cleaning hands with soap and water remains the simpliest way to fight disease. For every product sold a bar of soap is given to someone in need.

State Bags For each backpack purchased, one fully stocked backpack is hand delivered to an American child in need.

Ten Thousand Villages  Founded in 1946, this non-profit works with 20,000 independent makes on 30 developing countries to offer jewelry, accessories and home decor.


This Bar Saves Lives  Gluten free, non-GMO, fair trade and bee friendly, the purchase of this snack bar sends needed nutritional supplements to malnourished children in Africa and Haiti.  To date has served over 4 million packets.

Thrive Market Cuts out the middle men to save our members 25-50% off the retail price of organic brands you live. Fast & Free Delivery!!

Toms – May have originated the One for One giving model.   Given more than 35 million pairs of new shoes to children in more than 60 countries—from Argentina to Zambia. Now expanded! Each purchase of aTom’s product results in shoes, eyeglasses, water,  safe birth, and bullying prevention to those in need.

Under the Canopy–   Home goods. For two decades, have believed protecting the earth is an obligation, not a business model: preventing the use of harmful substances, reducing resource and energy waste and supporting worker welfare.  Every purchase is truly making an impact!

Wapikka –  Globally 1 in 6 children are malnourished or hungry! This teddy bear company that feeds a hungry child for a whole school year.

Who Gives a Crap Changing the World , one roll of toilet paper at a time! Save a tree: made with 100% recycled paper fibres, bamboo or sugarcane. 50% of their profits are donated to help build toilets because 40% of the world’s population doesn’t have access to a toilet! Paper towels and facial tissue, too!

Xinca Eco Shoes  Ex-convicts, learning skills to reintegrate into society, make these shoes from recycled tires.