My 60th Birthday Gift…to YOU.

January 2nd marked my 60th birthday.

If landmark birthdays are the perfect time for reflection, then certainly, SIXTY gives cause to pause.

I’m not buying that 60 is the new 40.  While I might actually see 80 years , 120 seems a bit of a stretch.

So. Yep. It’s a fact.  I am now old. OLD.

But you know what?

SIXTY feels pretty damn good.

I’m relatively healthy, albeit an extra 10 pounds carried around my middle.  My cholesterol and blood pressure are in check.   I still have my own teeth, knees and hips.  I wear glasses only for reading.  I wake only once in the middle of the night to pee.  And I can do 90 minutes of yoga three times a week without needing to nap afterwards.

I have been gifted much:  Two healthy, college educated EMPLOYED sons who live on their OWN.   An ever widening circle of loving, supportive friends.   An enthusiastic lover.  A partner who adores me. A non leaking roof over my head.  An abundance of hydrangeas in my garden.  Chocolate in the pantry.  Season tickets to my hometown Red Sox.   A red convertible that runs when I turn the key.

Yep, I’m counting myself pretty blessed at this juncture.

There’s really nothing I NEED.

And so, at 60, I am prompted to think “What do I have to contribute?”

Simply stated: I’d like to leave this planet in a better state than when I came in.

So what does that mean?

My experience has shown me that life happens FOR us, rather than TO us.   My belief is that we each come into this lifetime with a specific set of genes, and a unique set of skills, with the purpose to make life here on Planet Earth richer, more beautiful in our own distinct way. Further, I TRUST that every thought, feeling, relationship steers us in the direction of this meaningful contribution. And IF we remain open to it, the Universe provides all the tools necessary to complete our mission.

I fully get that this may seem like ridiculous, magical thinking to you.

But if you are reading this right now, please know that there are no accidents.

Perhaps you are hearing the whispers of your soul, an inner voice urging you to find your purpose, to live meaningfully and authentically.

I get that hearing that calling can be downright SCARY. Basically because you think you may be going crazy.

It starts as a whisper: You see that too many things are broken in our world. You begin to see the crumbling everywhere. And you start to question…how long has it been like this? Why doesn’t someone DO something?

Then the calling gets louder:  YOU want to do something about it. Where to start? You begin talking with friends and colleagues about the problems you see.  Some shrug their shoulders, others agree with you but say its always been thus. Your uneasiness grows.

Pretty soon, the volume is LOUD: Nagging thoughts fill your waking hours. Your monkey mind works overtime. You feel unfulfilled in your current situation. You have a great rolodex, strong tech skills, maybe it’s time to make your move. But there are bills to pay. And yet, something has got to give.

So … here’s my gift:



People the world over are hearing the call, Waking up to the realization that WE is much more important than ME. That service fills the soul deeper than a pair of Jimmy Choos.

You are feeling the shift to a higher consciousness, one of empathy and collaboration rather than competition and he who has the most toys wins.

Here’s The Truth: YOU are an incredible agent of change. The innate gifts you bring, your strengths are unlike those of anyone else. You are needed now, as never before, to change the direction humanity is heading. The world cannot wait.

My personal mission is to acquaint you with the change makers who are currently forging a path toward a new world. To a world that works for ALL sentient beings.  They are already committed, already doing the work and can show you the way.   I call them my Messengers of Hope and Healing.   

The pages of LyceumLIVE will bring forth the inspiration to discover your purpose, step into your power and empower you with hope for a better world.

If your preference is to read, you will find wisdom in the blogs, books and websites listed.

If you are more comfortable watching information unfold there are films and videos to uplift and challenge you to take your next step.

And if you would rather listen to conversation there are podcasts and radio programs to encourage you.

You will find nonprofits started by everyday people, like you,  who saw a need. 

There’s a page of Places to Shop that create a better world with every purchase.

LyceumLIVE is my gift to you as I enter my seventh decade.

LyceumLIVE is YOUR Resource for Hope and Healing.