April 14, 2017

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Messengers of Hope and Healing

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Karen Paolino Correia

Author, Speaker, Angel Intuitive and Soul Medium – Heaven on Earth


Karen Paolino is widely known as “The Miracle Messenger”. Karen is recognized as a relatable, caring intuitive who shares her talents with thousands of audience members and readers across the globe. Uniquely gifted with a full range of psychic abilities, Karen channels accurate messages from the angelic realm and loved ones in Spirit. For almost two decades she has combined her certifications in hypnotherapy, mediumship, and as a life coach and an Angel Therapy Practitioner® with the development of two innovative and remarkable healing modalities Soul Entrainment® and Soul Mediumship®. Karen is the author of three internationally acclaimed books including: 365 Days of Angel Prayers, What Would Love Do, 101 Ways to Meet Your Angels. She showcases her keynote speaking expertise at conferences across the countries.