May 9, 2017

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Messengers of Hope and Healing

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Erin Mahoney

Founder & CEO of Girl Power Go, LLC


Erin has over 29 years of experience in the health and fitness industry since serving in the United States Air Force. She is a certified personal trainer and certified group fitness instructor with specialized certifications in yoga and kickboxing. Erin studied meditation, relaxation and stress reduction at the Center of Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. Erin is the founder and creator of Girl Power Go, LLC which is a fitness and empowerment company that serves girls and women everywhere! Her programs are specifically designed to teach, encourage and support girls and women as they discover their own power! In these life-changing programs girls and women learn important life skills and strategies. They practice different types of fitness, relaxation techniques, mediation, tapping (EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique) and learn about the power of positive thinking. Girls and women learn how to take action by choosing courage over fear and how to love themselves and others more! Erin is the author of the Girl Power Guidebook and the Girl Power Journal. These books were created to spread the Girl Power Go message and mission of empowering girls everywhere! Erin offers business and personal development coaching. She is passionate about helping others discover their own bright light. Erin inspires and motivates people to step outside of their comfort zone, do what feels exciting, dream BIG and live a life that has positive impact on the world! She believes that people have the power to do great things. It’s her purpose to help them get there!