May 18, 2018

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Messengers of Hope and Healing

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Aaron Stark

Author, Speaker at I was almost a School Shooter


We needs to embrace the outcast. Show love to the ones whom you think deserve it the least.

Aaron Stark grew up in a very chaotic and violent household. While his mother tried to take care of his brother and him, she, too was a victim of their father, a violent man. His stepfather was not much better and replaced outright horror with drugs and crime. By 14, Aaron was kicked out of his house and by 11th grade, he was a quiet, sensitive, obese social outcast with an affinity for poetry and comic books. He had no home and oftentimes, slept outdoors. The isolation and bullying eventually became unbearable and at 16, having already dropped out of high school, Aaron reached out for help. Unfortunately, the young caregiver was too inexperienced to identify the help Aaron needed. Facing utter hopelessness, Aaron snapped and tried to get a gun. He wanted to take out as many people as possible – people who had tortured or ignored him – and then kill himself. He wanted to be heard. The abuse he had suffered had closed him off and he wanted to feel an emotion other than pain. He wanted to feel, for once, like he was in control, even if it meant spreading destruction and death. Aaron is the author of “I would have been a school shooter if I could’ve gotten a gun” published in The Washington Post on March 8, 2018. He has since appeared on MSNBC with Katy Turn, Colorado’s KUSA-Channel 9’s “NEXT with Kyle Clark”, and is scheduled to give a TEDx Talk in Boulder, Colorado in June.