February 23, 2017

Healing Communities

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Photo of Judy Giovangelo

Judy Giovangelo

Master Intuitive Teacher, Healer, Speaker, Coach – Grow You Healing & Art Center and non profit partner Ben Speaks Louder Than Words

I am the founder of a non-profit organization called Ben Speak Louder Than Words. I started Ben Speaks after the devastating loss of my 18 year old son Ben to suicide in 2009 after a life long battle with the stigma of mental illness. As a healer, I support my clients to release blocks that stand in the way of their dreams with a focus on sensitive intuitive kids and their parents in my private work and a I am a voice for change with many programs that provide a whole child/person approach to wellness for struggling teens and their families through Ben Speaks.

Photo of Rose Tenaglia Dunn

Rose Tenaglia Dunn

Founder – LyceumLIVE

Rose Tenaglia Dunn founded LyceumLIVE in February of 2015 with the mission to Create Conscious Community in Collaboration with Messengers of Hope and Healing to Restore Our Collective Soul.  Since 2015, LyceumLIVE has reached hundreds of souls looking to connect with their like-hearted tribe through workshops on such diverse topics as Heartmath, Climate Reality, Nonviolent Communication and Permaculture. Currently, in the wake of our crumbling social structure, LyceumLIVE is constructing a database of Inspired Messengers with the purpose of exponentially amplifying the voices of those leading the way to a new Social Paradigm. When she is not travelling, Rose makes her home on glorious Cape Cod.  Here’s My Story…