March 24, 2017

Jen Vondenbrink

Jen VondenbrinkHere’s My Journey:

In 2007 I was happily working for Starbucks Coffee Company in Seattle. I loved my job. I loved the company. I loved the people I worked with. Life was pretty good.

That July I joined my family for an amazing summer vacation. As fate would have it, my trip home took close to 24 hours due to flight delays. Since I always have a good book with me, I spent the time reading Eat, Pray, Love with limited interruptions. Margaret Bonano Quote

When I got home, I was changed.

I realized as much as I loved my work, that wasn’t enough to motivate me to come home. I just left my family to come home to a cold empty house.

With the help of my manager, I took a month off to reassess my priorities. I realized my job was not my true calling. I left the organization to start my own practice taking what I learned and helping others.

I began to feel alive again. I wanted to get up in the morning. I couldn’t wait to work with my clients.

Life’s energy began to flow.

I also learned to listen to my own guidance. You know, that little voice that whispers exactly what you need to do. I began to hear her again. More importantly I began to follow her direction.

The whispers to move back to the Boston area became strong. I couldn’t resist. Within six months I was reunited with my family. Because I believe in synchronicity, although devastated, I wasn’t surprise that my mother unexpectedly passed away six weeks after returning to New England.

I was where I was supposed to be at the time I was supposed to be there.

Today I help others move past their own resistance to discover their voice. I still wake up every day excited to see what the day brings. That’s way I love the quote I shared with you – “It is only possible to live happily ever after on a day-to-day basis.”

Jen Vondenbrink Messenger of Hope and Healing

11 Ways to Know Me Better Jen Vondenbrink

~ I love taking on something unknown, learning about it, diving deep into it, and then integrating it into my life.

~ I was recognized by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as one of their Unsung Heroines.

~ I love to experiment in cooking and baking.

~ I get giddy when I see the first sprouts of Spring and when the trees burst with their new leaves.

~ When I was young, The Wizard of Oz, was always on around my birthday and I thought it was planned that way.

~ I love to swim and be near water.

~ I have a Julia Child cookbook that is signed not only by Julia but also her husband Paul Child.

~ My perfect day is sitting on the porch reading a good book.

~ I believe there is always something to learn about ourselves.

~ I love acting.

~ Music is always playing in my house…especially at Christmas.

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