Is Your Glass Half Empty? or Half Full?

What’s your first thought when you wake in the morning?

Happiness that you are here to experience another amazing day on Planet Earth?

Or the vision of impossible tasks on your to do list for today?

Do you wake with JOY?

Or are your first words a curse, as you struggle to hit the snooze button?

Do you grab your cell phone off the night stand, absorbing world news as you dress in the morning, your brain being bombarded with negative noise?

Is your commute time accompanied by talk of partisan politics and traffic woes as you sit surrounded by stressed fellow travellers?

Think of yourself as a transceiver.

Humans are energetic beings, transceivers that can both transmit and receive communications. And like the childhood game of telephone, you pass along the vibrational energy you have received.

If all your input is of a low vibrational energy (negative), then the only energy you are able to transmit is negative as well.

So how to break the cycle?

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

~ Norman Vincent Peale


It may sound simplistic, but the answer is just that: shift your thoughts.

Our vision, whether positive or negative, controls our perception and our perception becomes our reality.

Perhaps it is time for a reset

Why not treat yourself to some daily habits that FILL your glass?

~Wake up with birdsong. Set your computer, laptop or tablet for 10 minutes before your wake time and you will wake in a treetop forest.

~If you MUST look at your digital device, make sure is the first message you open. Mike Dooley has been writing these personal messages from the Universe Monday through Friday for since 1998. Simply Sign Up for the Notes on the dashboard.  It’s amazing how addictive these notes become. In time you will swear the Universe is talking to you!!

~Fill your inbox with good news. Contrary to what mainstream media would have you believe, there are many, many people the world over, committing acts of love and kindness DAILY.  Learn about them and celebrate their achievements. It helps counter the negative stories. Here’s a few of my favorites:

**Bright Vibes   Contagiously inspiring stories

**Elephant Journal  Guide to the mindful life: anything that helps us to live a good life that is also good for others & our planet

**Faith Tap  Uplifting stories from around the world to touch lives in a positive way.

**Good News Network  Inspiring stories & images to make you feel uplifted, optimistic & positive about life.

**UPWORTHY  Stories that are worth your time & make the world a better place.

~Listen to uplifting music on your commute. Make a playlist of songs that take you to your happy place. Update frequently.

~If you love talk radio, tune in to uplifting podcasts. This is a new area for me but my twenty something kids swear by it.  TWO of my favorites so far:

**The Minimalists Podcast  Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus  left their big salaries, 70-80 hr workweeks and McMansion lifestyles to live meaningful lives with less. Funny, articulate and thought provoking.

**Women Who Dare  Deciding she wanted more stories of inspiring women, Kerry Gross decided to ride her bike from California to Maine in search of women who inspire others. The Women Who Dare podcast tells the story of Kerry’s 5,700-mile bike ride and features her interviews with remarkable women.

I get that it’s impossible to block out all the negative noise if you want to remain awake and aware.

But it is necessary to fill yourself with spiritually uplifting messages to counterbalance. If you are not finding joy in the beautiful places and exceptional people that make this life worth living, do the world a favor and reignite the fire within you.

Take time to feed yourself.  You are worth it.

One more suggestion:

Watch: Celebrate What’s Right , the Tedx talk given by Dewitt Jones, National Geographic photographer. It’s 18 minutes of pure enjoyment.  You can thank me later.

To your half full glass!