March 4, 2017

Gayle Nowak

Gayle Nowak

Here’s My Journey

By my second year in business, I’d burned through more than $28K+ in savings and racked up nearly $14K in debt. My lack of clients and cash was not for lack of effort, or knowledge or hustle and drive. I had tried almost everything to make my business work.Tony Robbins Quote

The only thing left?

I hadn’t shared my story.

Here I was – The Story Stylist – and I hadn’t come to grips with telling my story. The messy one, with all its pain, shame and secrets. The story of me, age 24, waking up in an ER fighting my life, with a tube snaked down my throat pumping pills and booze out of my stomach. Because hours before I could no longer bear the pain of another story I had tried to bury for 10 years. The story of being assaulted at age 9 — only to be accused of lying when I revealed this secret at age 14.

For me, the message was loud and clear. Your story doesn’t matter. You don’t matter.

And yet my faith in other people’s stories never wavered. In fact, I’ve spent my entire career in the business of stories . . . as a journalist, marketer, copywriter, PR executive and entrepreneur . . . because I love helping other people tell their stories.

But sharing my own story? That was always out of the question.

Until my bank accounts were drained. Until I was paralyzed with the fear of letting my husband and my little girls down. This was my go big or go home moment. So I vowed to come out with my story. And I nearly threw up when I pushed send on that carefully crafted email to just under 700 people.

I worried my story would offend someone, that people couldn’t handle it or they’d feel bad for me. Maybe you worry about that too so let me assure you people are rooting for you. I got lots of supportive responses from that email, there was no pity party.

But what happened next blew my mind . . .

Within 3 weeks, I’d booked $7,894 in new business. Two months later I was making a profit for the first time in my business. Eight months later I had the best month of my business ever, which has been growing steadily ever since.

More importantly, I am finally free of the burdens of an untold story.

I know you can be free too. That’s the power of sharing your real story . . . and it’s why I believe with a little bit of courage and a great story, you can change your life, your clients’ lives and even the world.

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11 Ways to Know Me Better

Gayle Nowak Race Car~ I’ve always daydreamed that I would be the lead singer of a rock band

~ I have spent more than a few moments with these famous folks — Edward Kennedy, Jane Pauley, Jim Braudie, Marjorie Eagen, Doug Meehan, Kevin Covais, Steve Thomas

~ I’ve been in the green room and the audience of Harpo Studios during The Oprah Show

~ I talk to animals

~ I love the Olympics

~ Bucket list: delivering a TED Talk and winning a downhill skiing masters race

~ I’ve written for 5 newspapers in the Boston and Springfield media markets

~ I ONLY drive stick shifts

~ I’m a personal growth junkie . . . If we’re not growing, we’re dying.

~ I have an uncanny knack for making the complicated simple.

~ I can size up the energy in the room or the energy of a person in seconds.

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