April 18, 2018


I love those connections

that make this big old world feel like a little village.

~Gina Bellman

We can all use a mentor (or two) to lead the way, especially when forging a new path.

Some may call them changemaker, gamechanger, visionary, paradigm shifter, problem solver, innovator….the purpose driven souls on these next few pages are dedicated to personal and societal transformation.

They have seen the problem(s)our world currently faces and not content with the status quo, they have left the comfort of the sidelines, jumping into the fray to upend conventional thought to create a new, better way.

At LyceumLIVE, we call them MESSENGERS of Hope and Healing.  

And they have arrived not a moment too soon.

It is my greatest wish that you see a bit of yourself in one of these ordinary, yet extraordinary, people.

You, too, have a brilliant light that shines inside of you;  your own particularly brand of genius.

Won’t you join us in creating the world we know is possible?

Sending Love and Light!