What if Everyone Were Talking about Climate?

Earlier this month Australia downgraded the Great Barrier Reef outlook to “very poor”.  David Wachenfield, chief scientist at the Great Barrier Reef Reef Marine Park Authority, issued  this statement on the government agency’s behalf: “Despite concerted efforts and investments, the condition of the Great Barrier Reef has declined since 2014, and this is largely due Read more about What if Everyone Were Talking about Climate?[…]

Still Believe that “Silence is Golden”?

Speech is Silver. Silence is Golden. ~Thomas Carlyle   In 1831, when Scottish social commentator Thomas Carlyle translated these words into English, the prevailing thought in civilized society was that saying nothing was preferable to speaking. Discretion, being defined as “recognizing and avoiding words, actions, and attitudes that could have undesirable consequences”  has long been Read more about Still Believe that “Silence is Golden”?[…]

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

LOVE or FEAR. Spiritual masters, philosophers, and psychologists concur that all of our feelings, both positive and negative, fundamentally emanate from these two emotions. And right now, I’m sure you will agree, we are living in a time of tremendous FEAR. Fear isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Feeling fear, when attached to physical danger is Read more about What’s Love Got to Do With It?[…]

Can We Please Just Walk Our Talk?

  In all of our actions, we must seek to be living examples of the changes we wish to see in the world. By walking the path, we make the path visible. ~Chief Phil Lane, Jr.   Have you read the story of Becky Crabtree,  the courageous 64 year old science teacher who chained herself Read more about Can We Please Just Walk Our Talk?[…]

Who Are You Listening To?

  For the first time in history we have access to an unprecedented amount information, all needing to be fact checked before it can be digested. In a world filled with constant commentary, political proselytizing and endless echo chambers it becomes a challenge just to know who to listen to and what to believe. The Read more about Who Are You Listening To?[…]

What About The Children?

This past week the world held it’s collective breath as twelve boys and their 25 year old soccer coach were rescued over a three day period from an water-filled underground cave in Thailand. I know I was not alone in being buoyed with genuine relief as an international coalition of divers and rescue operators combined Read more about What About The Children?[…]

Have We Forgotten Who We Are?

Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door. ~Emma Lazarus   I know I am not alone in feeling heartbroken at the pain and devastation being inflicted on Read more about Have We Forgotten Who We Are?[…]

Where Is Our Collective Voice?

When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful. – Malala Yousafzai   These are crazy, confusing, uncertain times. The very institutions dedicated to protecting us are being systematically dismantled. We watch children as young as 18 months , ripped from the arms of their asylum seeking parents, only to be carted off to Read more about Where Is Our Collective Voice?[…]

Do You Believe in Magic?

It’s important to Remember that we all have Magic inside us. ~J.K. Rowling   When was the last time you experienced Magic? I’m not talking about the pulling-a-quarter-from-your-ear slight of hand that Uncle Bill uses to entertain at family gatherings.  Or that read-your-card trick that amuses and delights at a street fair. I’m talking about Read more about Do You Believe in Magic?[…]