March 30, 2017

Amplify Your Message

Our Mission is to Amplify YOUR Message

I know you will agree: we are living in an extraordinary, history making time!

Take a look beyond the crumbling chaos.


Take a moment, close your eyes and feel the limitless possibility of this moment.

People, the world over, are awakening in unprecedented numbers: like toddlers rousing from their bleary-eyed slumber, looking for a new way forward.

As we adjust to this new reality of consciousness, many are actively seeking support and guidance for personal and societal transformation.

That’s where you come in.

You KNOW you are a Messenger, RIGHT?

As change makers, every step we have taken has been in preparation for HERE and NOW:

We were born for this!

You have a PURPOSE: the burning desire AND the acquired wisdom to make a difference.

With true Bodhisattva compassion, you are hell bent on alleviating the suffering you know is happening in our world, to our world.

Yours is a message of Hope to the discouraged, a message of Healing for those needing nourishment.

Up until now, you have been at it alone, spending as much as 70% of your time marketing…EFFORTING to be seen, to be heard by the right people, to connect with the ones who NEED your services, and who seek your mentorship for the transformation now underway.


LyceumLIVE is on a mission to amplify the voices of messengers. JUST LIKE YOU, through simple collaboration.

We are compiling a comprehensive directory of messengers of hope and healing in one place.

We are raising our collective voice above the negative noise, to be heard in one inclusive chorus, changing individual notes of a melody into a symphony of support and unity.

Here’s two things I know for sure:

First: We aren’t meant to do this alone.

The competitive paradigm is OVER. Collaboration is being hailed as the new competition.

We see it emerging everywhere: shared cars, shared homes, shared resources, co-op workspace, co-op farms, crowdfunding…

Messengers like us KNOW this. Our time to lead is NOW.

Second: Our stories are our most powerful medicine

When you are brave enough to show your journey, those who have been feeling alone, separate and disconnected show up because they can relate.

Our personal vulnerability allows others to feel seen, heard and understood. This is the beginning of trust and relationship.


Let me introduce you to LyceumLIVE:

Our collaborative website is evolving and strengthening with each additional profile. Greater visibility is enjoyed through simple participation !

Starting TODAY we are reaching out through emails, social media, phone calls and in person to invite ALL messengers to join us. From those who are devoted to heal individuals through body, mind and spirit to those whose dedication is to our planet and all its inhabitants.

We have begun an extensive marketing campaign to bring YOUR TARGETED AUDIENCE to, and to YOUR listing, utilizing a dedicated media team to email, share and tweet messages of hope and healing.

This your personal invitation to join our chorus!

Our directory won’t be complete without you!

Step forward with us! Your business will be naturally enhanced through effortless collaboration!

Currently there are TWO (2) packages of visibility and message amplification:


Benefits Include:

  • One Headshot photo
  • BOLD LISTING of your name and pedigree
  • 100 word biography
  • Three (3) URL links where your tribe can best MEET you
  • shout out on LyceumLIVE FB and Twitter feed
  • LyceumLIVE Badge identifying you as a Messenger, back linking your website to ours

Click here to see Introductory Amplifier samples


Benefits include all the above plus :

  • 12 photos illustrating your authentic life
  • Your story, in your own voice, detailing:
    • Why you believe you are a messenger
    • How your journey has evolved.
  • 11 “Random Facts About Me”
  • Additional URL listings (8 max)
  • Your Online Class Calendar Listings
  • Your workshop/ Retreat Calendar Listings
  • InvitationĀ to write for our blog roll
  • Private LyceumLIVE Messengers group : a safe space for networking and sharing ideas
  • PLUS a complementary session with each member of our visability team:
    • Compelling Message Session with Gayle Nowak, Story Stylist
    • Speed Mentoring Session with Laura Willis, Personal Branding Expert
    • Social Media Audit with Jen Vondenbrink, Social Media Strategist

Click below to see Open Heart Amplifier samples:
Emma’s Heart Amplifier
Gayle’s Heart Amplifier
Rose’s Heart Amplifier

We Know that Light Begets Light.
Now, more than ever, it is imperative that your voice be heard by the souls only YOU can reach.

Our Founding Member Prices are Simple and Straightforward.

Introductory Amplifier Package

Headshot, 100 word bio, 3 URLS



(regular price $111)

Open Heart Amplifier Package

12 photos, Your Journey, Your Message, Random Notes,
Calendar Listings, Blog roll, Private FB group,
8 URLs

$22 Monthly


(regular price $44)

TOGETHER we can build the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible
Please join us in our mission to amplify your message!

With Love and Light,

PS. To truly be a voice for hope and healing in our world, please spread the word by sharing our membership directory with everyone you know. More shares equals more traffic and more visibility for everyone.

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