6 Ways to Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Who among us doesn’t relish feeling safe? Security, for human beings, is a driving force that keeps us engaged in working harder and longer. It’s why people stay for years at the job they hate, stay in marriages that are no longer working and vacation to the same place year after year.

And yet every psychology 101 student will tell you that real growth and learning happens  you get out of your comfort zone. When you travel to a country where you don’t speak the language. When you move across state lines where you don’t know a soul. Change tests your limits. It transforms and stretches you.

When adventure is calling your name and you find yourself ready to evolve, you can expect fear and stress will become travel partners. These six steps will help keep them out of the driver’s seat.

1- Get Quiet.  Big decisions call for a connection to Divine Wisdom.  Quiet that screaming monkey in your mind and LISTEN to your inner intelligence. We all have a higher self that knows the way, though we may have forgotten how to recognize it. Meditate. Can’t do 20 minutes? Try 5-10. Make it a practice. Train your brain, let it know that YOU are the boss.

2- Take a Leap!  Liken Big Change to a Polar Bear Plunge.  Wading in can be excruciatingly painful. Don’t just dip one toe in . Once you have made the decision, JUMP. Go full in. Have faith. Life is meant to be an adventure. People don’t have regrets about the chances they took, only those opportunities they let slip by.

3- Document it!  Keep a journal to relieve the tension. Record your experiences as they happen. How are you feeling? What has happily surprised you? What has scared the sh*t out of you? Where could you have made a tweak or two? One day, when you write your memoirs, you will be amazed at the courage and fortitude you had.

4- Don’t Go it Alone.  Find a Power Partner: someone who is as passionate about transformation as you are.  Every thing is more fun if you have a partner in crime. Someone who will push you when you’re feeling weak, someone to sit with you in the jail cell and say “That was fun!” The push me-pull you of a simpatico traveler can not be overestimated.

5- Count, Don’t Discount.  It’s about the journey, not just the destination.   Every step forward is an achievement. See the end goal as the mountaintop but take moments along the way to turn around and marvel at your starting point far back in the distance.

6- Celebrate!  Stepping into uncharted territory is the stuff of explorers!  Small victories are just that:  Victories. Reward yourself for the daring and determination you embody!

You are a unique individual living on a rock hurling through space and time: there is nothing ordinary about you. In the immortal words of Shakespeare “ Screw your Courage to the Sticking Place”. Today is another opportunity to try something unexpected and new!

Toward Hope and Healing,



Rose Tenaglia Dunn is the Founder of LyceumLIVE: Your Resource for Hope and Healing, an online community of purpose driven souls who are dedicated to personal and societal transformation. In this time of transformation, if you are looking for a way forward, please join us at LyceumLIVE.com